Unlock Your Potential At Skare Spine and Performance in Rochester, MN

Chiropractic care isn’t only for those who are injured.

At Skare Spine and Performance in Rochester, MN, we can help you recover faster for your next event or help build resiliency for your upcoming, demanding season. With performance care, we will examine all joints, muscle groups, and functional tests to determine any areas of vulnerability to correct before becoming a problem.

We can also help you recover from games, events, and competitions. Over a season, our bodies can slowly wear down, leaving us vulnerable to injuries. You can stay at your peak performance throughout the year with chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue and myofascial work, functional rehabilitation, Normatec recovery systems, and proper nutrition and supplementation.

Patients also enjoy coming in once a month to remove any hidden joint restrictions or dysfunctions before they become a problem. 

Other elements of performance care:

  • ACL Risk Reduction and Screening
  • Arm and Shoulder Care in between starts/outings in baseball and softball
  • Learning proper weight-lifting mechanics 
  • Functional Movement Screens (FMS) to determine any areas of vulnerability 
  • General Recovery between games and competitions
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My 13 year old daughter and I both recommend Skare Spine and Performance! He was very informative and thorough. We felt better right away and were given tips and exercises to keep us feeling our best and to increase her sports performance.

-Kelly M., Rochester, MN

THE person to see in Roch!

-Brad P., Rochester, MN